Saturday, August 26, 2006


"My Ama is my true loving sister in the world for me besides my beloved mother and my loving sisters in Cambidia".

My loving Ama's name is Khin Mar Htay, Myanmar. She was born on 24 December 1960 in Yezin Pyinmana, Myanmar. She is a researcher.

In her free time, she likes reading and writting, esp. religious works.

Her permanent address is Daw Khin Mar Htay, Deputy Supervisor, Rice Division Department of Agriculture Research, DAR Yezin, Pyinmana, Myanmar.

My brother- in- law is U Thein Myint, B Sc Dip Agriculture.

She has two children, a son- Du Du studies at secendary school grade 8, and a daughter PO O- the most loving, beautiful, and intelligent niece I ever have. She is now in grade 3.

She has six siblings: U Naing Soe ( younger brother, B Sc Geology ), and other five sisters are: Mar Mar Aye ( B Sc Botany), Mar Mar Myint ( B.Sc History), Aye Aye Myint ( B.Sc Burmese), Aye Aye Maw ( B.Sc Burmese), Kyaw Kyaw Khing ( B Sc Chemistry).

Her dad's name is U Aung Din, ( Mechanical Engineer, Irrigation and Drainage Occupation, deceased), and mother's name is Daw Kyi Aye, a housewife.

My Ama now is in the Philippines. She is persuing her Ph.D of Physiology in Crop Science, Central Luzon State University. She will finish her study next year 2007.




We met each other in English class , 2nd semester in 2003. One day, English professor wanted to see him to know about his exam. Professor told me that please told him. I didn’t know his full name and his where-about. I wanted to see and help him because I sympathized all students. At last we met and after that we became friend and I thought that I would have a younger brother in the Philippines.

Who is he? He is Pang Sokheoun, from Cambodia. He is simple, honest and a gentleman. We always talked about our families whenever we had time at the freedom park.

He is a good student in UPLB. He could even explain my subjects to me which was not his subjects, because his English is very good. It was hard for me to follow UPLB study system. However, I passed the regular student because of him, so I could continue my study. He always helped my study whenever I needed. Thanks you very much my brother. In the Budhhism bible, if we have gratitude from a person, we should try to reponse and appreciate his gratitude.

I decided that if I would have a chance, I would help him again. Sometimes, he didn’t understand my good will for he has a little hard head. Sometimes I became angry with him because I was wondering what really his mind is. He likes all beautiful ladies. But now he married with beautiful wife. He is a handsome man.

He loves my daughter PO O and my son DU DU as well. Now he attends University in Sweden for his Ph. D degree. I always pray to Buddha for him to be peace in his life.

I am very proud in this world because I have a good friend, Pang Sokheoun - my loving brother.



I’m the eldest sister of my family. My father died in 1984 and my mother is still with me. I got married to my loving husband in June 1984. I got MSc Agri degree in March 2000 and my job is Rice Researcher.

I have two kids. They are Du Du and Po O. I married my husband and I will never leave my family because I’m a large shade of their lives and this is also my duty.

My husband is very kind and always has a good understanding to me and my family. I always thank him for he is the one who encouraged me to attend MSc degree at Agriculture University. Our life is very difficult but my husband can bear and fight with all difiiculties. Although he is younger than me, he can lead all of our family life. My parents, my anti and my husband are my benefactors; therefore I never forget their gratitude. I hope that I will be able to pay back my gratitude to them one day.

I can say that I am very lucky in the Philippines because I met my new brother - Pang Sokheoun, in 2003-2004. I also thank him because he helped me when I was sick in the Philippines. Thanks again my brother - Sokheoun.

I want to get Ph.D degree from the Philippines because I love very much my family and my brother. So, I have to do my best and now I ‘m studying in CLSU University.

Khin Mar Htay


I would like to tell all friends that this blog created just for the purpose of family only esp. for my God- sister Khin Mar Htay and me so that my dearest sisters and my most loving mother in Cambodia and my Ama´s family in Myanmar can see me and her when we separate from them. I know they miss me so much every day and so do I. And it is also for me and my Ama who is now studying her Ph.D. in the Philippines can view each other dialy.

My mane is Pang Sokheoun. I was born in 1976, Takeo Province, southern of Phnom Penh Capital City, Cambodia. I have five sisters: Pang Pon, Pang Peoun, Pang Sokha, Pang Sokhom, and Pang Sokhem (the youngest). I am the fifth in the family. My dad Pang Mol died in 1980 and my beloved mother Choun Pet is living Takeo province.

All of my sisters are married except the youngest one. I am now living in Sweden. I am a student here. When i was in my country. I worked for NGOs and a philosophy professor for Cambodian Mekong University and ...
I do hope that i will be able to go back and see them some days. I love them and miss them so much.



"True love is not found only between lovers or children and parents or among siblings but also can be found to he who becomes your best friend in the world".

It is hard for me to express How Much I Love My Ama (Khin Mar Htay) even though she is not my siblings.

We were not only born in different womb, but we also were born in different country and different nationality. Furthermore, our relationship happned not so long if I compare to those who I have associated in my country like her. But why do I love her so much?

I love her so much because I respect her. Why do I respect her? Yes, she is really the sister that I must tell you.

She is the sister that her heart is full of compassion, tolerance. care, sacrifice, morality, honesty, dignity, and strong religoius ties.

It was just a short time when i and her were together at school in the Phillipines. But the memories i have are unforgetable. I just say one word " She loves me like the way that my mother and my sisters love me".

All in my life I am the only son in the family with five loving and kindest sisters, i am always cared for and i can say the way of my loving Ama to me, too. For instance, i do remember how my loving Ama cared for me when i was sick in February 2004. She went out without being afriad of day or night, near or far, bought medicine, and cooked good food for me, prepared my bedding and everything else i needed.

And the most important thing is that she keeps advising me by Buddha Ways like my mother and she always prays for me for good life. She never forgets to pray for me.

Not only me who appreciate her and respect her. I dare say that everwhere she is she is always loved and respected because she has only love and respect for other. Morever, she will help people regardless of what they need if she can she will. She never refuses to help any people or leave them behind.

For her family, i know that she is the best wife and the best mother in the world like many other women.I think there are much more to say about her goodness and it will never end. However, i know how good she is and it is alwyas in my heart.

And with this i say that " I respectfully and gratefully love her like my mother and all of my sisters from the bottom of my heart".

May Buddha Bless You Ama!!!



In Novemeber 2000 I came to the Philippines to continue my study- Master Degree in Philosophy at Ateneo de Manila University for three years. I studied there for two years. However, I could not finish my Master Degree in Philosophy yet I changed my subject to Master Degree in Public Affairs. With this new subject I also changed University from Ateneo de Manila University which located in Manila to University of the Philippines, Los Banos, Laguna (UPLB).

It is in the southern of Manila. I changed my school in the begining of 2003. There the place where i met my loving Ama who was studying her Ph.D at UPLB when we attended the Intensive English Class for Foriegners together.

Our relationship has become closer and closer esp. during the year 2004 the year that i finshed my Master Degree in the Philippines.

I finshed my study in 15 June 2004 and came back to my country on 25 june 2004.

"You are always in my mind, Ama"

Friday, August 18, 2006


My Loving Ama in the Confernce Room before it started, Philippines.
My Loving Ama with friends during the break at the Conference in the Philippines.
My loving Ama during the confernece session in the Philippines.
My loving Ama was attending confernce.
My Loving Ama during her rest. She feels relaxed after a hard day school.
My loving Ama in her University compound.
My Loving in front of her school, Central Lozon State University, Philippines.
My loving Ama in her room when she was at University of the Philippines, Los Banos.My loving Ama in her room UPLB. She is so religious. You can see the Buddha picture behind her hanging on the wall. She always pray for Buddha every day.
My Ama is dancing during the International cultural Day in the Philippines. She is the best Myanmar dancer in every International Cultural Fair. She is good at both dancing and singing. She is born to be a good sister, mother, wife, singer, and dancer.
My brother- in- law. He is so handsome and a good husband to my Ama and the family.
Du Du- my nephew, is so happy with his motor cycle. He is a good son and also brother to my dearest PU U, niece.
My dearest niece PO O during the National Elementary Young Beauty Competition. She won the first rank in the competition. She is truly the most beautiful girl.
My dearest niece PO O when she was about two years old. Look how lovely she is to the family and the world.
My dearest niece PO O in the house. She is so actress-like and so sweet.
My dearest niece PO O- when she was ordained to be a nun to pay back gratitude to the parents.
In Taiwan, August 2005, in the evening after Conference and was on the way to Taipei 101 World`s Tallest Building.
In Nepal for Conference in December, 2004, pictured with friends from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Canada, and Nepal.
In front of Suaram Office, Kulalumpur, Malaysia, 2005.
In the Philippines when I was a student at UPLB 2004.
Singing Karaoke and recording some songs.
I and Kongkea, at home and singing Khmer Karaoke during the summer.
At MittUniversity during the break.
From school and waiting for the bus to go home.
A study tour to handicraft center in Örnskoldvik town.
I am at shool during the break.
I am at school during the break.
I and my dearest friend, Annelie- Swedish Immigration Staff.
On my way home , Örnskoldvik town.
Khmer Boxing
I and some friends had a small get-together at weeken at home.
I and my beloved countrymen.
I and my friend Jim, LO Officer for Norland, Sweden, and a National Assemly Candidate for Social Democratic Party (SDP) on 17 September 2006 National Election. I am working with him in SDP.
I and my relative's children.
I and a friend from USA.
I and friends in Chieng Mai, Thailand-2005.
I and Andrei, a Russian friend.
I and my Sri Linkan friends during the International Cultural Day in Swden.
I and Sela- my countrymen in Sweden.


My loving Ama is dancing during the International Cultural Day held at UPLB.


I and my Ama were in the same class of Intensive English Class for Foriegners. We had many good times together and with other friends.

(1) The study tour to Man Made Lake in Laguna and other churches - we took a boat on the Lake with alot of students.

(2) During her Happy Birth Day- We danced and singed happily with alot of friends.

(3) During the Christmas Day- We were singing and dancing at our English Teacher's house (Linling's House)and unfortunately the speaker fell from the wall on Ama's head. She almost got fan. And she was sick for many days.

(4) We celebrated our New Year (Myanmar and Khmer New Year) togther at my appartment. Ama always cooked our traditional food, sang Karaoke, danced, and we prayed for Buddha.

I, Ama and Sri Lankan Buddhist Monk who we invited him for our New Year- Khmer and Myanmar, blessings.

(5) We always met and sat down in the Freedom Park after class in the evening and felt the fress air.

(6) we often went to market together and bought food for the week on satrday.

(6) I always enjoyed watching Ama dancing in every International Cultural Day held in the Philippines. She danced beautifully.

And lastly, i often liked making her angry with me by saying something that was not true. But her anger would never last long for she discovered that after all. And may Lord Buddha forgive me.



Moreover, I remember some good friends of mine in the Philippines like Athur, Rechard, Miss Beatiful, Alen... (We always went out together and played billiard on every weeken and had some beer and we also had a group discusion on leadership on every Sunday).

Linling, the daugther of my English Teacher, is so nice, friendly, cute, and fun loving... I remember also when we played volleyboll together in the evening near my appartment. I like her for the way she is. I also love her family for being friendly and kind, esp,. her mother, my English Teacher, is so helpful.

Most Remembered Profs.

- Prof. Detorez is the most open- minded and helful prof i have had and we always had a good time in class.

- Prof. Medina and Mam Medina. Sir Medina was my advisor and Mam Medina was my prof. in Cooperative Eductation. They are the most kind, care -loving, and inspired profs I have met in the Philippines. I do respect them and thank them for their effort to help me in study.

- Prof. Rolando T. Bello, Dean of College of Publics Affairs, is the able and constructive prof. I always remember him in my heart for his friendliness and kindness.

And there are many more good profs i had class with them who i can't remember their names.